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                                  This is an image of workshop participants looking at a wall of crowd-sourced photos at a Policy Lab event on street design at the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation in 2019.

                                  We reflect on presenting information in ways which access different senses, how we might adapt this during a time of social distancing, how we can use this to radically innovate our practice in the future and ask: how are you doing it?


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                                  A version of the above but this time with what is called the Overton Window next to it. The Overton Window has the words 'Popular, Sensible, Acceptable, Radical, Unthinkable' and suggests that the window is widening

                                  This blog looks at how Policy Lab’s latest ‘Government as a System’ (GaaS) toolkit can be used to map the COVID-19 response as well as a few other ways that public service innovation teams can support policymakers in their response and recovery from the global pandemic.


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                                  This is the framework for Policy Lab's new Government as a System toolkit.

                                  In late February I tested Policy Lab’s new ‘Government as a System’ toolkit at the UK Policy Profession’s annual Policy Excellence Group.  It was our first opportunity to expose Policy Lab’s latest tool for systems change with some of the most senior UK policy officials. 


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                                  This is a diagram of Policy Lab's model for combining big data and thick data.

                                  Around the world, in order to remain relevant, organisations have undertaken significant transformation to become more ‘human-centred’. But what does this mean for policy-making?


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                                  Lab Long Read: Policy Consultations - Part 2: A role for data science?

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                                  This is a screenshot of the prototype data science policy consultation dashboard.

                                  This is the second half of a two-part Lab Long Read on a recent collaborative project between Policy Lab and the Department for Transport (DfT) on the policy consultation process. The blog series is for those with a curiosity for how the policy consultation process works and are interested in new ways of analysing consultations.