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  • The team is excited to start working in their new A220 facility, and to welcome a new customer.

  • (Airbus has) put Mobile on the map. Now, people at the Paris Air Show know Mobile.

  • The new Flight Works Alabama Aviation Education Center will help provide Mobile’s future workforce with the necessary preparation to pursue opportunities in the aerospace industry.

  • With the addition of the new A220, Mobile is poised to do something that no one could have dreamed about. With the production of the A320 and A220, Mobile will become the fourth largest commercial aviation site in the world.

  • I think a lot of people are going to be attracted to move here.

  • We are so honored to be the first delivery here – thank you very much indeed!

  • “I’ve got a question I want to shout out to the folks who said Mobile couldn’t get it done. ‘How do you like us now?’”

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