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          If you feel unsafe or know someone who feels unsafe, please report it here. After you fill out the form below, Sprigeo sends an email to an administrator with all of the details from your report. You can also download one of our apps from the Apple Store or the Android Marketplace to submit a report.
          • Safety threats, bullying, harassment or intimidation at school
          • Safety threats, bullying, harassment or intimidation outside of school
          • Cyberbullying; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
          • 【不越狱】小火箭(Shadowrocket)免费下载方法 – Gary Geng:2021年10月9日 - 下载电脑版的PP助手,链接电脑,在助手中搜索Shadowrocket,就会看到,直接安装就可以了!... 目前iOS端,小火箭Shadowrocket已经下架了,美区的Shadowrocket...
          • ios 小火箭(Shadowrocket)--VPS测评:2021-12-21 · 重庆网友: Shadowrocket_2.1.12(正版) 这个是免账号密码登录的ios版本,不是pp助手提供的版本! 江西网友:PP助手虽然下架了,但是还是可以通过pp助手安装的 我之前下载了pp助手提供shadowrocket的ipa文件。 一直存着,这下能派上用场了。 下载ipa。

          We created Sprigeo so people would feel safer at school. When a person really needs help or there is a safety threat at school we hope you will step up and send in a report. Sending in a false report makes it harder for your school to help the people who really need it. If necessary you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. You can find out more about Sprigeo and the School District Safety Evaluation at Thanks for using Sprigeo!

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          Include first name, last name and grade if known.
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