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            Decades of brain research clearly demonstrates the importance of the first three years of a child’s life. During this critical time, the architecture of a baby’s brain is shaped, laying the foundation for a child’s future growth and development. To get off to the right start, all children need good health, strong families and positive early learning experiences.

            Led by the Turrell Fund and ssfree加速器, in collaboration with Zero to Three, 2021最新版Ghost Win7旗舰版系统下载 - 系统之家精品系统 ...:2021-4-21 · 雨林木风GHOST WIN7 SP1 32位旗舰版系统2021最新版采用MSDN发行的Windows 7 SP1 32位中文旗舰版做母盘,通过正版验证,集成了最新安全补丁。安装过程可选择几种常见的分辨率,如不选择将只能识别最优分辨率,第一次进入桌面分辨率已设置好。, and the Caucus Educational Corporation, Right From the Start NJ is dedicated to the belief that every child must have the opportunity for success right from the start.

            Turrell Fund CEO, Curt Fields and The Nicholson Foundation Executive Director, Arturo Brito recently penned an article on NJ.com speaking about Right From The Start NJ and early childhood policy in New Jersey.

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            The Turrell Fund was founded in 1935 by Herbert and Margaret Turrell. Its principal interest lies in support of organizations that help youth, with special emphasis on the needy youngster. The first priority area is direct services to children, as a youth development fund. Capital requests are considered, but are of secondary priority.

            Our application process has recently undergone substantial changes. We encourage interested parties to review this web site before contacting the Fund or submitting an application. The Turrell Fund now requires grantseekers (prospective grantees and existing grantees alike) to submit their applications online.

            More About Turrell Fund


            Herbert and Margaret Turrell


            Our grant application windows run from Jan 1 to Feb 1, and July 1 to Aug 1.

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            Programs for Parents is a not-for-profit organization which works to ensure that children get the best possible start in life. They support children, families and child care providers, in Essex County, through advocacy and action; offering education, referrals, sharing best practices and access to available financial resources.

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            ZERO TO THREE works to ensure that babies and toddlers benefit from the early connections that are critical to their well-being and development.

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            First Children’s Finance provides loans and business-development assistance to high-quality child care businesses serving low- and moderate-income families.

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            We are looking for an Executive Director to oversee all educational functions and fiscal activities of the King's Daughters Day School. The selected individual will coach, mentor, inspire, lead, and direct every member of the administration,teaching and support services teams.

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            The Search Committee of the Board of Directors at the Stern Center for Language and Learning invites nominations and applications for the position of President. We seek an innovative, energized, and results-driven visionary to lead our non-profit learning center specializing in research-based education services and professional learning models.

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            In light of the challenges caused by the pandemic, the Turrell Fund Trustees have decided to distribute the 2020 Landon Grant funds to benefit ten organizations instead of awarding our traditional winner and two runners up.

            The following organizations had the highest scoring applications and each will receive a $3,000 award.

            • • Addison County Parent Child Center
            • ssfree加速器
            • • Early Education Resource Center of Waterbury
            • • The Family Place
            • • Good Beginnings of Central Vermont
            • • Northeast Kingdom Early Learning Services
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            • • Sunrise Family Resource Center
            • • Vermont Family Network
            • • Winston Prouty Center for Child and Family Development