TeamCCF began in 2016 as a way to raise money through athletic events for the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation.

Through the years, TeamCCF has participated in numerous races such as the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, the Denver/Colfax Marathon and the Philadelphia Half Marathon.

Check out our current TeamCCF fundraisers!

upcoming races:



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Sign an agreement with the Cholangiocarinoma Foundation

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Register to run or walk through the individual race’s web site (codes may be available to offer discount registration for select races)


Can't Join CCF at a race?  Join Our S.O.S. Program!

The S.O.S. program is for Single Organizer or Supporter athletes.  As an S.O.S., you can be a part of TeamCCF where ever you live, in any athletic event you chose.  Just send us an 免费ssr节点2021. Our TeamCCF Coordinator can help you identify local races to participate in, register (discount codes may be available), and help you set up a personal fundraising page.

Incentive Program

We know how hard our athletes work to train for their event and to fundraise for Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation. Each athlete is asked to raise a certain amount for their individual event. Every time an athlete raises more than the minimum, they will be awarded TeamCCF branded merchandise.


$500 over the minimum
TeamCCF 20 oz stainless steel water bottle & CCF Decal


$1000 over the minimum
TeamCCF Running Visor

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$2500 over the minimum
TeamCCF Hooded Sweatshirt


Each TeamCCF member is asked to raise a minimum for their event.



Half Marathon


10K / 8K / 5K

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