At Mississippi State University, we believe in getting personal. Our university provides the academic, leadership, and social opportunities to help each person excel. Your success—in whatever field of study or career goal—is our success.

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Mississippi State University Foundation

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Endless Experiences for Students

MSU is preparing its students for bright, productive futures where academics is combined with the proper tools for tackling today’s tough issues and making a difference in society. 

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Our International Institute

We enrich the academic and cultural experiences of faculty, staff, students, and the community through global outreach, research, academic programs, and international student services.

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As a charter member of the Southeastern Conference, Mississippi State boasts a storied tradition in athletics, both on the field and in the classroom.


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We strive to provide exceptional resources, services and facilities to MSU faculty, staff and students as well as the broader community throughout the State of Mississippi and the Southeast.

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Our Mission of Service and Outreach

Mississippi State offers a variety of opportunities for forming active, future-focused partnerships that can benefit society.

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