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Interview - Dr. Tom Yarema M.D., Center for Wellness & Integrative Medicine on Covid-19

Have you wondered about what’s going on with Covid-19 with our local M.D.’s running clinics, treating real patients on a daily basis?  We speak with Dr. Tom Yarema, M.D., who runs a local medical clinic, the Center for Wellness & Integrative Medicine, in Aptos, California. A functional medicine practicioner, he combines Eastern and Western health approaches in evaluating and treating illness.
免费全球节点加速器What’s the truth about Covid-19?  Dr. Tom talks about the three sides to truth, as well as understanding asymptomatic carriers, testing, the differences between early and late treatments, turning active infectors into active immunizers, oral photodynamic therapy, herd and natural immunity.
Dr. Tom works with a network of professional colleagues worldwide investigating this virus and offers a free weekly Zoom call to share info and answer your questions.  We found Dr. Tom very engaging and we believe you will enjoy this interview, jam-packed with great information.

Future News - Controversial Covid Docs Banned from Youtube and Twitter, Dr. Bruce Damer on the Perseverance Mission to Mars

Listen Now to Future News 7.28.20

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The second half of the show is about NASA’s latest mission to Mars this week, with Dr. Bruce Damer giving us some details about the new Mars rover, Perseverance, and it companion helicopter, Ingenuity! Enjoy.





Listen Now to Future News 7.21.2020

In the first hour we catch you up on all the latest info on Covid-19, and translate what we’ve gleaned into a dialog you can have with you and your friends and family.  There is also lots of space news this week, especially with the launch of three major expeditions to Mars this month and new info on volcanism on our sister planet, Venus! Enjoy..

New 3D Map of Universe



Listen Now to Dr. Mrs. Future Show 7.14.2020

Outer Space, Inner Space, all around the universe in today’s show! Our highlight is an interview with Celestine Star, a woman in touch with both her inner and outer astronaut.. Author of The Galactic Earth Council, Reintegration of Earth Kin and Star Kin, Celeste tunes us into what’s happening with the global Harmonic Convergence 2020 event and the plans for ‘calling in the ships,’ happening this week around the world.  She also speaks to us of her personal mission for raising the awareness of us all to encompass our larger galactic identity. Enjoy!



Listen Now to Future News 7.7.2020

Naturally the community still wanted to talk about Covid, and this week we look at the latest in vaccine trials, viral folk remedies, UV-C and ventilation, and new research in aerosols. 

We also look at how endemic racism has influenced our everyday language in the tech world and real estate with such terms as a master bedroom and master/slave tech terms. We look at some updates in systemic racist languaging.

Lots of space news this week, with three missions to Mars blasting off over the next few weeks. Plus new discoveries on the Moon, a new thing to do with Flat Earthers, and a two-fer - visit Venus while enroute to Mars! Enjoy..